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11th Jun 2021

John Hillcoat & Benoit Delhomme

In this roundtable, we host a rich conversation between Director John Hillcoat and Cinematographer Benoit Delhomme. You don’t want to miss this special tête-à-tête from these longtime collaborators and friends. They talk with us about a bounty of topics including how they first met, the two incredible films they teamed up together on: Lawless and The Proposition, and a life altering premonition they each experienced... (This Film Roundtable conversation would not be taking place if they hadn’t listened to their intuition, but you have to listen to hear the full story.)

They share anecdotes about the trials and tribulations as well as the magic that is the process of filmmaking and talk about how shooting in Australia isn’t just shooting in another country, it is like shooting on another planet: the light, the landscape, the heat and the flies!

They also share how creative Benoit had to get at times to light scenes without lights (because of the heat!) as well as reflecting on what he might have done differently at this stage in his career. They discuss the process of storyboarding a film and how important it can be but also how equally imperative it is to be able to put that pre-visualization aside and surrender to the organic flow of the actors and the moment.

They then discuss film vs digital (Lawless was one of the first films to be shot on the Alexa Raw) and the heartbreak they experienced when the film was not screened at Cannes using the film print they made. They also talk about the “Netflix” look and how the richness of cinema is fading away, and how much more it could change after this past year on Zoom and what our eyes are getting accustomed to. They chat about lensing and aspect ratio and Benoit shares his experience shooting with the new BLACKWING 7 lenses. This conversation is full of teachings and such a treat!!

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Film Roundtable is an open exploration with celebrated industry professionals to discuss the filmmaking process and to consider the path forward in the post COVID world.
Film Roundtable was to created as space for artists in the industry to talk openly and freely about what is present for them at this unprecedented moment in time. Most of us have found ourselves, until just recently, in a sort of worldwide, collective pause. We have had an abundance of time to be quiet, to go inside ourselves, to listen, but most importantly to imagine the change we want to see in our own lives and careers as well as for the collective as a whole. A quality of life greater not just for ourselves but for all. As image makers, many of us with voices that are heard around the world, to really begin to envision how we use our platform, our art, to create change for a greater good; a kinder and more just world.